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Pandora Immo on kõrgetasemelise elektroonikaga varustatud immobilaiser, mille topeltdialoogiga krüpteeringut peetakse kõige turvalisemaks “üle õhu” levivaks lahenduseks.

Keerulisele tehnoloogiale vaatamata on seadme igapäevane kasutamine mugav – auto kasutamiseks peab immobilaiseri kiip olema taskus, ei mingeid üleliigseid liigutusi!

Pandora Immo is an immobilizer equipped with advanced electronics, whose double-dialog encryption is considered the most secure "over-the-air" solution.

Despite the complex technology, everyday use of the device is convenient - when going to drive a car, the immobilizer transmitter or chip must be in your pocket, no unnecessary movements!

A chip

The Pandora chip is tiny and runs on battery power (CR2032). Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the chip's power consumption is also low, in addition, the remote control has a motion sensor, which means that if the remote control is standing still, the remote control does not consume anything. The working life of the battery therefore depends on the user (on average 1 year), the sound signal of the buzzer gives an early warning of a low battery. You can also see the battery voltage from the mobile app.

Also protects against "signal extension" of the car remote control

Most new vehicles today are sold with keyless entry, which is a very convenient but unfortunately also a very unsafe function. Car thieves have devices that extend the range of the remote control, "feed" a signal to the car, open the doors and simply drive away. To protect this, people keep remote controls in safes, refrigerators or special bags through which the signal does not radiate, but then keyless entry does not work either. In the form of an immobilizer, the car has an additional (autonomous) engine block that prevents the car from starting even if the range of the remote control is extended. The Pandora Immo chip works on the principle of double dialogue and is not subject to manipulation related to signal extension.

Chip vs. PIN

The Pandora chip is convenient to use, but you have to take into account that the chip has a battery that needs to be changed every six months. If the car remote with the chip (keeping them together) is stolen, the immobilizer is of no use. Immobilizers with a PIN code have an advantage here, which prevent the car from driving away until the PIN is entered, IGLA CAN immo uses the car's own buttons to enter the PIN code.

Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy

The immobilizer block module and the chip communicate with each other using Bluetooth 4.2 LE technology, which ensures interference-free communication and consumes little power. Extremely low current consumption in standby mode does not interfere with the electronics of modern cars (does not prevent the car from going to "sleep").

Mobile app

Most people have an Apple or Android smartphone in their pocket, and by downloading the free mobile app called Pandect BT (Android / iOS), you can significantly improve the user experience of the device (the phone must have Bluetooth al. 4.0). Through the app, you can see both the battery voltage of the car and the remote controls, and you can change all immo settings.


Emergency shutdown using a PIN code or mobile phone

If the immobilizer chip is lost, damaged or the battery is empty, the PIN code can be used to switch to the immo service mode where the engine lock is not activated. There are 2 ways to do this - by entering the PIN code while turning on/off the car's ignition, or a more convenient option - from the mobile app. In advance, the mobile phone must be connected to the device, i.e. registered, more detailed information in the manual or video link in the area.

Increase security

The device can be connected to a wireless (Bluetooth) blocking module (for example, to be installed in the engine compartment of a car), which is very unlikely to be found by a car thief.

Compatible with remote start

Pandora Immo is factory-activated with a motion sensor, which allows the engine to be started without the presence of a chip, but the car stops when motion is detected. Such a solution is well suited if you install a remote engine start either from the original remote control or from a mobile app.


In the set: Blocking module, 2 remotes with batteries, wiring, sound buzzer, leather bag, instructions

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