Immobilizer Sanji ZX40KPW (PIN-code)

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Sanji ZX40 Immobilizer with KPWPIN

Today, car thieves are no longer deterred by sophisticated security devices.

To steal the car, the car keys are stolen
(or the transponder code is copied) and by then
if the owner discovers that the car keys are lost,
the car has already disappeared from the radar.

PIN code immo Sanji ZX40-KPW immobilizer is based on PIN code, that is, to start the car, it is not enough what you have, but what you know.

Loss, theft or copying of the immobilizer key will disappear (!).

You must always enter the PIN code before starting the ride. By taking the car to the service, the immobilizer can be switched to the service mode, where the car can be started even without entering the code. Moreover, for security reasons, the code can be changed at any time.

The ZK40-KPW immobilizer also has Anti-Hijack mode functions (it is also possible to disable it completely), i.e. if you as the owner of the car are violently removed from the car, the car's engine will stop after a while if the PIN code was not re-entered. It is also possible to connect a siren to the immobilizer, which is activated together with Anti-Hijack.
The immobilizer center is enclosed in a remarkably small housing, which allows the central block to be more effectively hidden in the car.


In the new model marked with “W”, there is no longer a wired connection between the PIN code reader and the immobilizer module.
Communication between the blocks takes place using the car's own electrical wiring. This allows the immobilizer block to be better hidden, and a car thief cannot reach the immobilizer block via the wires of the PIN code reader!

PIN code reader
Immobilizer (30 AMP)
Service mode
PIN code change function
Anti-Hijack function (disable/enable)
Siren output
All black wires
A small central block
LED indicator light
WIRELESS (signal modulation via the car's own power cords)
Warranty period 2 years

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