Immobilizer CH 339 AH (with PIN-code)

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Unlike transponder-type immobilizers, with a PIN-code immobilizer, there is no need to fear transponder loss, theft, or code copying. It is enough to know the correct combination of numbers and keep it to yourself.

The length of the code can be 1-5 digits, but keep in mind that the longer the code, the longer it takes to enter it. Considering that the system blocks every third incorrect code entry, the probability of guessing a 2-digit code is also small. It is unlikely that a car thief will have any trouble "guessing" your code at all. Of course, you can change the code at any time or, if you lend the car to third parties, switch the immobilizer to service mode for that time.

Unlike the most common PIN code immobilizers, the CH 339 does not have a clumsy dial, which can be a challenge to find a suitable place in the car. Although the CH 339 has up to 5 PIN code digits, its keypad, which is truly miniature, has only 2 buttons. The appearance of the interior of the car is minimally changed by this tiny dial, and of course it can be hidden altogether. This immobilizer can also be controlled from the car's original switches.

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