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Smart v3 is more than a car alarm - it has the most powerful microprocessor ever used in a car alarm: double CAN buses, integrated GSM, GPS and , a 3-axis motion sensor, a separate immo bypass port that enables the control of the car's original preheating and remote engine start even for cars with complex algorithms . All of this is housed in an ultra-tiny case, and since all components are integrated on the circuit board, trouble-free operation and low power consumption are guaranteed.

The Pandora Connect mobile app transmits real information about the car and sends commands to the car via the GSM 2G, 3G, 4G network or via Bluetooth.

Pandora GSM GPS Alarm

Pandora is compatible with the car via CAN signals, in addition, the device has some analog inputs/outputs + a separate relay module with strong outputs for remote engine start and engine blocking (immo). Pandora is armed with both the car's original chip and the Pandora chip. In case of an alarm, a corresponding message is sent to the mobile app, the car can also be controlled to a certain extent through the app.

Pandora app

The Pandora Connect mobile app is free and available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms. Connect is a new app on Pandora that is still being improved. In the future, a view from on-board cameras installed in the car will also be added through the app (Pandora is developing its own high-resolution cameras). Watch the video introducing the app.


Remote car engine start

Remote start can be installed on most cars. On machines of the latest generation of German origin, one key (immo chip) must be surrendered to the car to bypass the car's immobilizer, on most other machines, Pandora can perform immo data bypass. An additional bypass module is required for certain cars. In both cases, the car's original immobilizer remains, but does not interfere with the remote start.

Remote engine start does not increase the risk of car theft - you cannot drive away without the original key. The doors remain locked, the alarm is on, the steering wheel is locked, and if you press the brake without the original key, the engine stops. It can also be installed on cars with a manual gearbox (starting the car in gear is excluded). See how it works on a car with a manual transmission. The app also allows remote start-up to be automated. Warms in winter, cools in summer.

"Webasto / Eberspächer" preheater control

New cars, especially diesels of German origin, often already have a pre-heating device (Webasto / Eberspächer) from the factory, and it is possible to control it through Smart Pro. In the app, "Start Engine" just needs to be replaced with the "Preheater" icon. Control takes place either via CAN or W-BUS (in the case of W-Bus, an additional add-on module is required). The retrofitted device can also be controlled with an analog signal.

Car GPS tracking

A highly sensitive GPS receiver is integrated on the circuit board, which allows you to view both the current location of the car and the history of the trips (if "tracking" is turned on). In the app, you can choose between three map bases (Yandex, Mapbox and Google Maps). By logging in to the Pandora website (, you can also generate a detailed driving log for the desired period.



If the immobilizer function is active, i.e. the car has also been immobilized, the car can only be driven if the Pandora remote control is included. In addition to engine blocking, it is also an effective protection against extending the range of car keyless keys (a method by which it is very easy to unlock all cars with a smart-entry system today)

Remote controls and “Keyless-Go”

The included remote controls also control the central locking. The remote controls can also be set to keyless mode, i.e. the doors open when approaching the car and close automatically when moving away from the car, without having to press anywhere. Thanks to bluetooth technology, the function works quite well, if desired, the so-called "keyless remote control" can also be made from a mobile phone! See how it works.

Fast and future-proof - 4G

Most M2M devices today still work on the 2G network, but recently we see that the 2G network is sometimes overloaded. Pandora Smart v3 works in addition to 2G network and 3G and 4G network, which makes it a fast data connection and future-proof device.

Fixed costs

Both the Pandora app and the online environment are free to use. The only fixed cost is the GSM data connection. We also offer a Tele2 Prepaid SIM card that costs less than €2 per month. When signing a contract with the operator yourself, you also pay €2 per km per month.
Pandora consumes a maximum of 50MB per month. In short - data communication is affordable and fixed costs are low.

Pandora account and device registration

An account can be registered both on the mobile app and on Pandora online ( After confirming the e-mail sent, log in with your username and add the car using the information from the Pandora code card. Keep the code card. On the web, it is also possible to drive the car, view the location, export the logbook, etc. Watch the video about registering an account and adding a car HERE.

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