Alarm Secure C500 (Black ultrasonic)

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NB! The set does not include a siren!
Secure C500 is a very modern and flexible alarm system,
which can be controlled from both the car's original remote and Secure's own remote (appendix).

C500 is compatible with all cars that use a digital data transmission network. Depending on the car, the following protocols are used: CANBUS, K-BUS, LINBUS, CODE.

Apart from the very wide brand support, what makes the alarm unique is the ability to send commands to the car via the car's CANBUS network, which in the case of some car brands greatly simplifies the installation.

If you want more remote controls to control the alarm than are included with the car, it is possible to purchase a C-500 RF radio module with a remote control for the alarm. In this case, you can control the alarm and central locking both from the car's original remote control and from the Secure remote control.

Both the profile of the car to be installed and all programming are set using a special computer program that also facilitates installation (elementary functions can also be changed from the service switch).

The standard includes an alarm with a siren and an ultrasonic volume sensor.
If the car has a remote start, a pre-heating device or a convertible, we recommend using a microwave sensor.


Basic functions:

Open door/trunk/bonnet warning when armed
Memory of the last 5 alarms (readable both by computer and LED indicator)
Temporarily disabling the sensors when opening the trunk lid from the remote control / later restoring the security circuit
Standby mode memory (restores standby mode in the event of a power failure)
Possibility of temporarily arming without sensors (e.g. when the dog is in the car)
Emergency shutdown with a unique PIN code (if the remote does not work, e.g. the battery is empty)
Reactivation of the alarm mode if the door locks were opened but the door was not opened - selectable
Passive standby mode activation - selectable
Use lock while driving (linked to ignition position) - selectable
Special features (depending on the car):
Cooperation with the original car alarm (e.g. uses the motion and tilt sensor of the original alarm)
Control of emergency lights, electric windows and central locking via the car's CANBUS network

Standard set:

Ultrasonic volume sensor for cabin protection
Service switch (disabling volume sensors, PIN entry, programming)
Block/Wiring/Hood Switch/Manuals/PIN Code/LED Indicator Light

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