Motorcycle alarm Pandora Mini Moto

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Pandora Mini Moto is a modern security system for motorcycles with 12 V on-board voltage.

Mobile application
The convenient mobile application Pandora Connect displays the status of the motorcycle. Available for both iOS and Android. The application can be used to control and configure the security system via Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth 5.0 interface
The most modern and reliable communication protocol for direct data transfer between the main unit, wireless accessories and smartphone. Increase the level of security and comfort of the system with various additional devices (radio relays, remote controls, control units, wireless sirens, sensors)

3D motion sensor
Built-in adjustable shock/tilt/motion sensors detect any impact to the motorcycle and block the engine if an attempt is made to move the bike without permission. A smartphone or small chips can be used as an authorization device.

Energy efficiency
Special algorithms bring energy consumption to a minimum level, keeping the vehicle's battery charged for a very long time.

If the engine lock is connected (extra) and the immobilizer function is activated, Pandora can also be used as an immobilizer. You can ride a motorcycle only if you have the chip with you.

Numerous security elements that monitor the condition of the motorcycle prevent it from being stolen in a wide variety of situations, even if the original key is stolen or attempted.

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