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The Pandora MOTO alarm is designed for motorcycles, cycles,
for scooters, but can also be successfully used on ATVs and watercraft, as the central block of the system is waterproof.

Stay informed about what is happening with your bike

The system has a two-way communication and feedback remote control with a stylish OLED screen remote control. The exact range depends on the intensity of the jammers, but under normal conditions it is about 500m. More out of town.

2-WAY COMMUNICATION (2-WAY) refers to the term where the communication between the alarm and the alarm remote control takes place in two directions: OWNER - CAR - OWNER.

In addition to the fact that the owner can send commands to the vehicle from the remote control, the alarm sends the owner information about the condition of the vehicle. If the alarm goes off, the alarm center immediately sends information about the zone that detected the alarm (shock/tilt sensor) to the alarm remote. Most of the time, the cycle stays within a radius of a few hundred meters from the owner, which means that you are most of the time aware of what is happening with your two-wheeled friend.

A bunch of sensors ensures adequate alarm notifications

As soon as the cycle tilt or shock sensor detects an alarm, the Pandora remote gives a signal with sound and vibration, the source of the alarm is displayed on the LCD remote. When it comes to cycle theft, quick response is crucial.

Pandora MOTO has a built-in digital tilt sensor, motion sensor and shock sensor. You can also connect an add-on.

The set includes a siren with a Pandora piezo element, which has a compact design but makes a lot of noise at the same time.

Low power consumption, powerful processor

Accessories for cycles must be intelligently designed to keep power consumption as low as possible. Pandora MOTO's current consumption at full power is 6 mA. After a few hours (the time can be changed) of inactivity, the current consumption drops to 4 milliamps (power saving mode), after which the system goes into so-called sleep mode, where the current consumption is a maximum of 2mA. And even in "sleep" mode, all sensors remain working! In other words, if your machine stays in the garage for days and Pandora is in power saving mode (2mA), the wheel will still be protected. If someone moves the wheel, the alarm is activated. The siren starts to wail and a signal is sent to the remote control. At the end of the season, it is still wise to disconnect the cycle battery.

Built-in battery

Thanks to the integrated battery, the device continues to work for some time even after removing the battery from the vehicle. In this way, you can track down a well-organized theft attempt in time.

Launch it remotely

Moto also has remote start functions, so if you want, you can also start the cycle engine from the remote control in advance!

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