Carplay/Android Auto screen AM-CPM101 10"

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Your car does not have Android Auto or Carplay capabilities? This monitor solves this problem without the need to replace the entire multimedia system. With the high-quality Ampire 10" monitor, you can comfortably monitor the map application and listen to your own music on the radio using the FM transmitter. Installation is very easy - you can attach the monitor to the dashboard.

High-resolution 10-inch additional monitor with touch screen that enables wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto in the car.
Can also be controlled using voice commands (Siri or OK Google).
If the vehicle already has a Bluetooth hands-free system, it will remain functional for phone calls.
Installing the device is not difficult - the monitor can be attached to the dashboard with the supplied foot holder, for example.
While navigating, you can listen to your favorite music via e.g. Spotify. The sound is played using the AUX input (3.5 mm socket) of the car radio. As an alternative, an FM transmitter is also integrated, with which you can listen to music through the radio. In addition, a small speaker is integrated into the housing, which can be used to play, for example, navigation messages.
The monitor also has a built-in onboard camera. It is also possible to add a reversing camera, the image of which can be displayed on the screen.

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