On-board camera DDPAI X2S Pro

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DDPAI X2S Pro car dvr

The DDPAI X2S Pro video recorder is equipped with two cameras - front and back, which record video with HD resolution. The intelligent power management system ensures a long working time and enables the device to be used reliably in 24-hour parking monitoring mode. The included remote control button allows you to take a picture or short video at a glance, and the built-in GPS and accelerometer allow access to route or speed information. Do you want more? Explore the features available in the DDPAI app!

An invisible guardian who protects your car

DDPAI X2S Pro has the ability to become a reliable guardian of your car. Its compact size and minimalist design fit perfectly into the interior of any vehicle and remain almost invisible. Advanced IPS power management system and D2SAVE 2-channel data storage technology offer you up to 24 hours of protection - both while driving and while parking. In addition, the product has a mute button that you can use to turn off the audio recording to protect your privacy while driving.

Amazing picture quality

X2S Pro uses several solutions to optimize image quality. The front camera is equipped with a wide angle of 140 ° with an aperture of F1.8. The next-generation HiSilicon processor allows you to achieve professional results, and WDR technology ensures detailed images with bright, natural colors, regardless of lighting conditions. Digital stabilization, geometric distortion correction and anti-fog solutions are also responsible for the exceptional quality of recordings.

Camera remote control

The set also includes a special third-generation button that enables remote control of the camera. Just press it and you can quickly take an amazing photo or a short video of the route. The material obtained in this way is immediately sent to your phone via Wi-Fi. Great scenery to be found along the route? Or maybe an emergency? With DDPAI, you can instantly capture anything of interest!

Comprehensive protection

Take care of the safety of your vehicle in almost any situation - this is possible thanks to IPS technology. When parking monitoring is activated, the camera continuously records in timelapse mode, providing an even better image while saving memory space. Please note that the memory card is not included, it must be purchased separately. What's more, the built-in accelerometer detects collisions and automatically saves key accident records, allowing you to avoid accidental loss. You can set this sensitivity in the app. The recorder is also equipped with low voltage protection.

Accurate GPS

The built-in GPS module is distinguished by high accuracy and accurately records driving data such as position, speed and acceleration. You can save this and more information and sync it to your smartphone. Download maps, browse routes and share your ideas for a fantastic trip with your friends!

Check out what the DDPAI app has to offer

Combine the X2S Pro with the DDPAI app and you have access to many cool features. Submit and edit your content, then share it on social media - like Facebook or Instagram. Let your friends see movie stories of your travels! The application also sends notifications about the memory card and battery status, among other things.


X2S Pro video recorder
Remote control button
Assembly tool
3M stickers
Power cable

Chip Hisilicon3556
Codec H.264 Matrix CMOS 4 MP
Front camera lens 140 ° wide angle, F1.8 aperture
Wi-Fi module 2.4 GHz
Supported memory cards TF, up to 128 GB
Cyclic recording
Video output
Wireless Compatibility Android, iOS
Gyroscope sensor 3-axis
Resolution Front: 2560x1440

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