Digital tuner Asuka ARA-HD2

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The digital tuner Asuka ARA-HD2 is the successor of the usage model ARA-HD, which offers an even better user experience.

For watching digital TV in a moving car, the Asuka digital tuner is the perfect choice because Asuka is the only tuner that keeps the picture in front even when driving from one region to another.
The used DibCom chip offers the best feeling of reception and a smooth picture even at high speeds.

As of 01.09.2021, the tuner plays TV channels in Estonia: ETV, ETV2, ETV+, France24, Nastojasheje Vremja

AFS (Automatic Frequency Switching)

Just like radio broadcasting, digital TV also has different transmission frequencies for stations in different regions. There are 18 of them in Estonia. When driving, e.g. From Tallinn to Tartu, the frequency changes twice on the way. If, in the case of other digital tuners, the two-tuner is set to search again and again from the remote control on a given route, in the case of the ARA HD, the AFS function must do the job, as in the case of an RDS radio. Namely, the signal has been weak for some time (you can set the tolerance yourself), it starts looking for a new one, every time the digital tuner finds a new frequency, it is saved in the so-called AFS table. If the frequency is present in the table, the next time there is already a switchover - there is not even a new search. We have had the manufacturer pre-record Estonian broadcasting frequencies in the table.


With the Conax card reader, you can also watch paid channels with a digital tuner.

Powerful USB media player

In addition to the digital tuner, the Asuka tuner contains either a capable media player.
Namely, the device has a USB input, which can also be brought to a suitable place with an extension, and using a USB memory stick or an external hard drive (both FAT32 and NTFS formats are supported) you can play digital media - both music and movies. In terms of music, common formats MP3, WAV and AAC are supported. In the case of movies, in addition to AVI, the device can also read newer formats such as MP4, VOB, TS, MOV and even MKV files (image only).

You can rip all your favorite DVD and Blu-Ray discs to a suitable format and keep them in digital form in the car. Long drives with children are perfect for watching their favorite cartoons while driving.

A powerful media player

A favorite of installers

ARA-HD2 is remarkably small, and finding a place for it under the car dashboard is certainly easier, especially if, in addition to the tuner, some other accessories such as a multimedia center and monitors are installed in the headrests.


Selection and placement of antennas

Antennas and their placement play a critical role in good coverage.
Since Asuka ARA-HD2 uses a diversity tuner, 2 antennas are placed in the car.


Placement locations for digital tuner antennas.

To get the best signal, the antennas must be moved out of the car.

Place one antenna in the front of the car and the other in the rear bumper (if the bumper is not made of metal). If the car has a plastic spoiler up at the back, the rear antenna can be placed there because it is higher. Do not keep the car in close proximity to radio antennas.

If you decide to place the antennas on the inner windows, in urban conditions the coverage is satisfactory, but on the highway the picture is largely absent or choppy (it largely depends on the car's windows - tinted glass also takes away the feeling, glass with heat recovery allows minimal transmission).

In the ARA HD2 menu, under channel information, you can see the broadcast quality of both antennas, it is a good helper in finding the optimal location for the antennas.

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