Multimedia Toyota LC150 Executive

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This model is only suitable for machines with the Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Executive equipment package. 2010. Not suitable for new 2015 facelift model.

In the Executive package, there is a small information display (3.5″) in the middle of the armature, which is removed during installation (this information can also be seen duplicated between the clocks of the car's speedometer). In this equipment level, the car also has an original reversing camera, the image of which is now displayed on the large 8″ screen of the multimedia center.

The original radio located below remains with all functions, i.e. the original Bluetooth Handsfree for making hands-free phone calls, as well as a 6 CD changer, FM radio and the ability to play back audio from the original USB input. All original features are integrated with FlyAudio.

In the case of the Land Cruiser 150 "OFFROAD" i.e. off-road package, the car also has an original camera in the front and in both side mirrors. FlyAudio displays all original cameras.


"FA Series", i.e. integrated with the car's own system
8″ HD touch screen (800x480px)
Supports original FM radio
Supports original 6-CD reader
A separate DVD player is installed in the glove box
Supports original Bluetooth Handsfree
Supports original parking camera
Playing media from a USB flash drive
iPod control from touch screen / steering wheel buttons
2nd Zone or II zone option (separate image in headrest monitors)
Control from the steering wheel - the original control buttons from the steering wheel work

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