Shifter lock Toyota LC 100 4.2TD Aut 2002/944K

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The Bearlock gear lever lock is a mechanical anti-theft device that is installed in a hard-to-reach place in the car's center console.

A lever lock mechanically blocks a car's shift lever or gear lever.
The device can be installed on all common cars with both manual and automatic transmission.

Unlike other common mechanical anti-theft systems, Bearlock does not significantly spoil the appearance of the car interior, as the entire system is hidden under the center console!

A professionally installed gear lever lock makes it very, very difficult to remove the car because the lock is fixed to the body of the car stationary. It is of course possible to remove it, but it is very troublesome and time-consuming, and the car thief will most likely choose a machine that does not have the corresponding device.

There is a model-specific device in the corresponding complete set for each car brand (for more than 1000 different car brands).

If in previous years, Bearlock only produced locks with a locking rod (to lock the gear lever, you have to push the rod into the socket), today there are mechanisms with a new design on sale, which can be blocked only by pressing the locking mechanism, there is no protruding stick!

In the case of all locks (both with and without a rod), the car must be in reverse gear (cars with a manual transmission) or "parking" position (cars with an automatic transmission) to block the gear lever.

The new designs are designated R, W, Z, P, Ps and K. For the user, the only difference between them is that if in one case the button must be pressed to block the mechanism, in the other case it must be turned

Mechanical anti-theft device for over 1000 different car brands
Blocks the car's gear lever linkage or gear lever
It is installed stationary on the car body
Does not significantly spoil the appearance of the car interior
Convenient to use
Very time consuming to neutralize

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