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Caska's new IS series is equipped with top components from the world's leading manufacturers.

In use is a high-sensitivity Philips dual radio tuner with functional AF support in our region.

The Parrot chip takes care of the quality of the Bluetooth connection, the phone book and A2DP are supported for listening to wireless audio from a smart device. Apple owners can also control their iPod music collection from Caska's touch screen. GPS navigation covers the whole of Europe, and the navigation menu and voice instructions are in English, Estonian and Russian.

The main connector of the IS series is based on the car model, no adapters - a complete Plug&Play connection. The device is designed according to the interior of the car, which means that the materials and even the fonts are suitable. In terms of radio and GPS, high-quality Fakra connectors are used.

Through the Service menu, it is possible to change many settings, e.g. whether the device uses its own sound amplifier or the car's original one (if available), whether and how OEM parking sensors / camera information is displayed, which speakers the navigation sound comes from, whether viewing images while driving is allowed, etc. In the case of German machines, it also displays the climate control, and in the case of certain cars, it also allows you to configure the car's own settings.

Many additional accessories can be connected to the center, such as a Digi-TV tuner, parking camera, monitors for the back row, namely Caska has second zone support, i.e. while listening to the radio in front you can display e.g. a DVD in the back row (the sound of which can be directed to headphones - wireless).

8″ HD touch screen (800x480px)
CD-DVD disc reader (also reads MP3/Divx formats)
Play media from USB or SD card
iPod control from touch screen / steering wheel buttons
High-sensitivity Philips radio tuner with RDS and AF function
Virtual disc changer (store 5 CD tracks of music)
Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree for making phone calls
Synchronization of phone contacts supported
Bluetooth A2DP enables audio streaming to car speakers
Control from the steering wheel - the original control buttons from the steering wheel work
AV inputs and outputs, picture while driving (selectable)
2nd Zone - while the radio / navigation works in the front, you can watch DVDs, Digi-TV in the back
OEM integration – supports original parking sensors, camera, steering wheel control, etc

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