HDMI Input Audi MMI

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HD-LINK is the first interface module with HDMI input, which, using the high-quality screens of new German cars, can send a super sharp HD image to the car's original screen via the LVDS connector.

An interface with a digital output is connected to the car's original LCD by transmitting only a video signal, the car's AUX input must be used for sound. In addition to the HDMI input, there are also analog inputs, including for both front and back camera.

Uniquely, HDLINK offers dynamic parking lines (as in the original) for connected parking cameras, the parameters of which can be changed from the car's screen. Also, the basic functions of the connected Asuka ARA HD digital tuner (channel change, volume, etc.) can be changed from the car's original buttons, i.e. the device also has "device control".

HD-LINK interface is available for the following vehicles:

Audi MMI3G, MMI3G+ or ~2010 and newer - A4 (B8), A5 (8T), A6 (C6, C7), A7 (4G), A8 (D4), Q3 (8U), Q5 (8R), Q7 (4L)

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