HDMI Input Volvo HD Link IW03V-N23

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Supports Volvo (3PIN GVIF)
Provide HDMI input (HDMI device),
LVDS-NAVI (digital) input (digital device navigation),
Rear camera input
Front camera input.
If you use LVDS (digital) output digital computer navigation, you will get the best picture quality.
Apply PGS (Parking Guidance System) and PDC (Parking Distance Control) with rear camera, when connected to PAS-CAN, it will automatically output rear power.
Can be connected to the front camera. * When you shift from "D" mode to "P" or "R" mode, the front camera will automatically switch to the screen as long as the timer is set (8, 10, 15 seconds).
After that, it returns to the previous screen.
AV input and Video1 audio L R In.
Optimizing the original Volvo monitor.
User setup mode creates an optimized environment for the user.
And the setting mode is entered by the original button.

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