Carplay Radio F7 ATOTO

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Wireless Carplay/Android car

The 2-DIN car stereo supports wired and wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, and wired Mirror Link (AutoLink) for Android and iOS.
Supports listening to music in the background while using navigation from CarPlay or Android Auto.
With a special built-in charging protocol, your phone's battery will charge significantly while running wired CarPlay/Android Auto.

In addition, there is a USB/Micro SD slot for watching your favorite movies.

Standard 2-DIN size
7″ Multitouch IPS Panel (1024*600)
Powerful ARM Cortex A55 8-core processor
Non-volatile memory 2GB DDR3, internal memory 32GB iNAND
High-sensitivity Philips radio tuner with RDS and AF function
2 x USB inputs (with extension at the back, for connecting the pre-installed USB socket to the phone)
Wired Carplay/Android Auto
Wireless Carplay/Android Auto
Phone mirroring via wire
Bluetooth Handsfree with separate microphone (supports phone book)
Bluetooth A2DP (for listening to music wirelessly, e.g. from a phone)
WIFI receiver included
Reversing camera and AUX input
4 x 40W amplifier, 4.1 Line-Out outputs (Front, Rear + subwoofer)
2x Front, Rear speaker amplifiers
2 video outputs
Reversing camera output
The set includes a universal 2-DIN mounting frame


Ask about the model-specific mounting frame and connection kit!

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