CAN Bus High Beam Signal Interface

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The HIGHBEAM interface is a CANBUS module that reads the high beam signal from the car's CAN network and converts it into an analog output, which is necessary when connecting additional high beams to the vehicle.

In the case of newer cars, additional high beams are often installed, as the car no longer receives a suitable signal that would switch when the high beams are activated. The signal can be in another form, digital or pulsating in nature. The HIGHBEAM module solves this problem easily. Only 4 wires from the car are connected to the module: Mass, +12V, CAN High, CAN Low. The interface outputs an effective +12V, 1AMP signal when the high beams are active.

The presence and detection of CAN can be detected by the LED on the block.

LED status:
Red flashing: Searching for CAN signal
Red on: CAN signal is present but the car is not detected
Green on: CAN signal is present and the car is detected
Flashing green: High beam signal detected

There is no need to program the block, the make and model of the car is identified.


Main beam > 12v (max 1A) when main beam is active.

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