CAN Bus Multi High Beam Signal Interface

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HIGHBEAM 3 is a CANBUS module that detects 3 signals from the car's CAN network; main beam, marker lights and ignition.

In modern vehicles, it is often difficult to install additional high-beam lights, because a suitable switching signal cannot be found in the electrical circuit.


Main beam > 12v (max 1A) when main beam is active.
Ignition on > 12v (max 1A) when ignition is on.
Side lights > 12v (max 1A) when marker lights are active.


No programming required.
After connecting the power and CAN signal, the module detects the vehicle model and is operational.

Meanings of the LED indicator on the module:
Red flashing: Searching for CAN signal
Red on: CAN signal is present but the car is not detected
Green on: CAN signal is present and the car is detected
Flashing green: High beam signal detected

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