Wifi mirrorlink WML Dual-5G

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The rapid development of telephones has led to a situation where the smallest device (smartphone) is ahead of the factory radios of most cars with its capabilities. The media solutions offered by car manufacturers have become better, but the development in the telephone sector is many times faster.

Mirrorlink in the car

Now imagine combining the capabilities of your smartphone with the car's large screen - thousands of apps (communication, music, videos, GPS navigation) integrated into your car. Yes, it is possible, and wirelessly. Newer smartphones have built-in screen mirroring over the WIFI network, and by connecting the phone to the corresponding MirrorLink device, the latter connects to the car's screen using the model-specific interface module or the AV input of the car's original device (if available).

Daily use is easy

Activate screen mirroring on your phone (AirPlay, Miracast, etc.) and switch the screen to the corresponding input. Content control works from the phone screen, allowing the phone to be used as a remote control.

The duplicated frequency range ensures a stable connection

WML Dual-5G is a new product that works in two frequency ranges 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. In everyday use, it provides a much more stable wireless connection than only 2.4Ghz models, especially if you are in a densely populated area (in the city center, for example).

Dual outputs - RCA and HDMI

In addition to the usual RCA output, WML Dual-5G also has an HDMI output, which offers a particularly sharp picture when connected to the corresponding monitor (e.g. interface modules with HDMI input or HDMI ceiling monitors).

Thanks to the powerful processor, the device can transmit the image to both outputs simultaneously. Thus, the original car display can be connected via the analog output and a large ceiling monitor can be connected via HDMI. The device gets relatively hot, but the large aluminum plate at the bottom of the device ensures sufficient cooling.

Can also be used as a USB media player

The device has a USB input through which certain video formats can be played from both a USB memory stick and an external hard drive (requires a separately powered USB socket). Control is carried out from the phone screen (go to the address in the phone browser). Since there are many different file encodings, it cannot be assumed that the device supports all of them!

Add an RCA input

The device has an RCA input that allows you to connect an additional video source, such as a front or reverse camera or an image from the on-board camera. In this case, the additional video source is switched from the ON/OFF switch (switches to the red wire with a +12V signal)

Waze in the car

Using MirrorLink, you can display any navi application on the car screen, e.g. Google Maps or Waze, which also informs about traffic conditions.

Wifi Mirrorlink

Video input required in the car

P.S. Most cars do not have an AV input or an HDMI input from the factory (analog), which means that the video signal from WIFI MirrorLink cannot be transmitted anywhere. To transmit a video image, an interface module is required, which generates a video input to the original screen. The prices of Interface modules are between 300-450 € with some cheaper exceptions such as Toyota Touch II.