On-board camera Viofo WM1

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The Viofo WM1 2K QuadHD on-board camera is smaller and less conspicuous when installed. The Sony Stravis IMX335 sensor ensures a high-quality image even in low light.


The WM1's more compact, screen-less design allows for easy installation of the camera's rear-view mirror shade so that it's barely noticeable and doesn't interfere with the driver's field of view.

The Sony STRAVIS sensor supports 1440P 30fps recording mode and ensures a detailed image both day and night. Improves dynamic range in low light conditions, reduces noise and preserves detail. The IMX335 sensor automatically balances the lighting for better detail when recording at night.
The on-board camera can be connected to the Viofo smart device app using 2.4GHz WiFi. In the application, you can set device settings, view previews, download recordings and share them.
Parking mode allows you to record what is happening in front of the parked vehicle. To use the function, you need the HK4 permanent power supply unit, which we have already included in the kit.
WM1 supports voice notifications (in English). With voice prompts, the system informs about changes in settings or errors related to the memory card.
The built-in GPS module allows you to save location, speed and time data.

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