Multimedia Hyundai I40

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This is FlyAudio's top model (U5 platform) in which a high-sensitivity Philips radio tuner with AF and RDS function working in Europe is used for the first time.

Parrot's bluetooth chip is used to make hands-free phone calls, which offers first-class call quality.

Synchronization of phone contacts and A2DP, i.e. listening to sound from the phone, wirelessly through the car's speakers (music, podcasts, etc.) via a bluetooth connection are supported.

7″ HD touch screen (800x480px)
High-sensitivity Philips radio tuner with RDS and AF function
Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree with phone book
Bluetooth A2DP for listening to music wirelessly (from the phone)
Integrated CD-DVD player
Playing audio from a USB flash drive
iPod control from touch screen / steering wheel buttons
2nd Zone or II zone option (separate image in headrest monitors)
Control from the steering wheel - the original control buttons from the steering wheel work

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