KIYO carbonfiber seat heating (1 seat, 2 levels - OEM)

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KIYO carbon element mats have proven to be very durable, they get warm quickly, and since they are extremely thin, they are impossible to notice in the seat after installation.

What makes carbonelement different from normal is that it can be cut to fit any seat.

2 mats are installed on both the lower and back parts of the seat, covering the seat to a large extent.
The heating strength can be adjusted in two steps, and the switch looks like the original one with a chrome edge.
Such a modular system allows elements to be installed even in complex seat constructions.

It is an OE quality product used by car manufacturers around the world (e.g. Volvo, VW, GM).

If your car's original seat heating element has broken, it can often be replaced with this product. More information from the installation workshop!


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