Video input Audi MMI3G

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The interface allows connecting both the front and rear camera image to all vehicles equipped with the Audi MMI3G system. The module also supports dynamic parking lines (as in the original), which are dependent on the car's steering wheel position.

The front camera input can also be used simply as an additional video input. The display and behavior of the input can be changed from the Audi MMI (the interface has its own menu).

The camera image is automatically switched when reverse gear is engaged.


NTSC reversing camera input + front camera input
Dynamic parking lines
Configurable from the Audi MMI
Automatic picture switching with reverse gear on
Wide brand support (MMI3G is available on all Audis since 2010)
The camera is not included


Audi A4, A6, Q3, Q5, Q7 from ~2010

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