Trailer module 13-PIN WH3Q-S-G13

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The trailer connector module is used on vehicles whose lighting electronics cannot withstand the additional load from the trailer lights (e.g. in the case of a 5W lamp, the load drops from 500mA to 1mA, i.e. 500 times).

The product is universal and can be used for all car brands.

WH3S-G13 is a trailer connector module, which includes a 13-position connector, relay module, wiring and everything necessary for installation.


Miniature relay module with spacer (not hermetic)
Automatic detection of connected trailer
Switching off the fog lights for a connected trailer
Control of multiple lights with one filament
Automatic switch-off of parking sensors (if connected)
Works with incandescent bulbs rather than LED bulbs
Supports LED bulbs on the trailer as well
When the ICM module is added, it supports the charging of the trailer's battery (charging power, e.g. for a motorhome)

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