Solar powered TPMS with 6 internal sensors

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Tire pressure sensors for the car and the trailer behind it.

The set includes 6 tire pressure sensors. The pressure is checked by the sensor installed inside the rim, not the valve cap!

Ultra-low pressure monitoring ideal for off-road driving - low alarm can be set to 0.9 bar

The tire pressure monitoring system is a solar-powered dashboard display and is equipped with six internal sensors that display the pressure of all six tires in BAR or PSI.
The system monitors both tire pressure and tire temperature and alerts the driver:

against overheating (over 80 degrees Celsius)

In addition, the driver can set and adjust the pressure alarm threshold.
The system can monitor tire pressure from 0.9 bar to 6.0 bar, suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

All sensors are labeled for easy installation.


Wireless transmission, no wiring required.
Intelligent sleep mode to save energy.
High temperature, low battery visual and audio warning.
A unit of variable pressure (PSI or bar).
Long battery life (≥4 years)

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