Preheater control and GPS/GSM Pandora

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Pandora Control represents a unique independent heating control system from leading manufacturers, thanks to which you never have to wait for the cabin to warm up or rely on the original controller, the range of which is not always sufficient.

The Pandora Control system communicating via the 4G network allows you to control and control all heating functions literally anywhere and anytime.
Thanks to Pandora's advanced solutions, you have an overview of all heating components with a control system, including fuel pump, power, voltage, etc.
Replace your old-fashioned dashboard heater control with a practical and clear application.

all the functions of your system are literally under your thumb.
Use of the app, as well as the electronic logbook or GPS location, is also available at no additional cost

Pandora Control allows you to control independent heating devices; Webasto, Eberspaecher and original equipment using the LIN BUS interface or analog output

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