Parking assitance kit Steelmate PTS411EX DUAL + ONOFF

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Steelmate PTS411EX DUAL is a new generation module that can be used both front and back (selectable by DIP switch).

In the case of the front set, the sensors are switched on and off synchronously with the brake pedal being pressed (after releasing the pedal, the sensors continue to work for 8 or 20 seconds, can be set as desired)
or switch on and off automatically depending on the car's speed (CAN module required).

In addition, the set includes a switch that can be used to turn off the sensors if necessary (e.g. in winter when the sensors are under a layer of ice).

4 ultrasonic sensors (sensor 18.5mm, with collar 23mm)
Can also be used with only 2 sensors
Can also be used as a rear set (selectable from DIP switch)
Sound buzzer, possibility to add a display
The length of the sensor cables is 4.5m
In the case of a larger car, the possibility to add an extension (2.3m)
Operating radius (in the front) 0.7-0.3m at the extremes, 1m – 0.3m at the middle ones
They work in any weather, even in heavy rain
Learning mode (e.g. for teaching a protruding bumper/spare wheel)
The set includes a round submersible ON/OFF switch
The set includes a drill for drilling an 18.8mm hole
Possibility to move the zero point 20cm further (e.g. part of the hook or spare wheel)

In standard, the sensors are black.
We also offer car body color sensors. Up to 100 color sensors on site.

NB! Sensors can be ordered in the color of the vehicle's body. SEE Additional equipment for parking assistance.
Up to a hundred sensors of different colors already prepared on site.
Painting of less common tone sensors from 4 pcs and execution time is one working day.

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