Motorcycle Alarm MED Bike S

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MED Bike is a motorcycle alarm with two moisture-proof remotes and a variable code. The set includes a moisture-proof control unit, a compact siren and a digital tilt sensor, an engine immobilizer, an LED indicator light, and a PIN-code card for emergency shutdown (in case the remotes are lost).

Unlike the 2-Way Moto alarm, MED Bike includes a power saving mode, which is a convenient function to ensure good battery health. Namely, after 24 hours of standstill, the system automatically goes into power saving mode, where power consumption is very low. The alarm still remains under surveillance, consuming only 1mA.

Molded stylish MED variable code remotes
Very low current consumption in power saving mode - 1mA
Digital tilt sensor, siren
It is possible to connect a double engine block
Alarm alarm memory
PIN code shutdown in case of lost remotes
Add an alarm input (e.g. to protect underseat storage)
The tilt sensor reacts to a change in the tilt angle of <1.5°
It is possible to temporarily disable connected additional sensors (e.g. tilt sensor).
Warranty period 2 years

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