Mirror folding RAV4 2013>

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This module enables automatic folding of the car's side mirrors, controlled by the car's original central locking remote control.

By pressing the door lock button on the remote, the mirrors fold automatically. The mirrors fold back to their original position after turning on the ignition.

The module is suitable for equipment levels with automatically folding mirrors (in the cabin).

When locking the doors from the remote control, the side mirrors fold
When opening the doors from the remote control, the mirrors remain folded
After opening the doors and turning on the ignition, the mirrors return to their original position
The OEM functionality remains operational, i.e. the mirrors can also be folded in/out from the original switches in the cabin
The Plug & Play connection ensures quick installation in most cases
Can only be used on vehicles with motorized side mirrors and with the possibility of control from the cabin

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