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It is increasingly difficult to protect today's more expensive vehicles from car dealers. Especially if the car originally has keyless entry and keyless start, because by extending the range of the keyless signal, even the most expensive vehicles are easy prey for car thieves.

The most effective method to prevent theft is an additional immobilizer or an additional engine block. But here things get more complicated, namely the electronics of new, complex cars often no longer allow safe (analog) engine blocking. All kinds of errors occur, from error codes to the discharge of the car's battery (the car does not go to sleep).

CAN Immo

Fortunately, there is now a solution for these cars as well - IGLA CAN Immo. It is a tiny module that connects to the car's CAN network and digitally blocks the engine. There is special software for each car and it is not subject to "hacking" of the car's own electronics.

Protection against copying of "keyless" keys

Even if car thieves manage to extend the range of the car's keyless remote, CAN Immo protects the car from theft. The engine is blocked either immediately or when moving the gear position to D or pressing the gas pedal (depending on the car). Even if thieves can neutralize the original alarm and immobilizer, the CAN Immo block is independent of it.


The module is about the size of a little finger and is hidden in the car in such a way that even an experienced installer takes 5-6 hours to find it. CAN Immo does not have any "visible" parts, the car's own lights in the dashboard are used for indication, and the car's original buttons are used to turn off the engine block.

PIN code

The most common way to deactivate CAN immo is a PIN code, which can be entered using the car's own buttons. In general, steering wheel buttons and window lifter buttons are used, but it differs from car to car. The optimal length of the PIN code is 3-4 presses (e.g. 2 x VOL UP and 2 x VOL DOWN), i.e. entering it does not take much time. The advantage of a PIN code is that you don't have to carry anything with you, you can't lose it and there's nothing to steal.


The Igla CAN immobilizer kit also includes 2 chips. If the chip is included, it is not necessary to enter the code. Unlike car keyless technology, the chip is not subject to range extension technology. Of course, if the chip falls into the wrong hands, the immobilizer is no longer useful. The chip has a motion sensor inside, which turns the chip inactive if it has been motionless for 45 minutes (for example, if you forget the chip in the car, it becomes inactive), and the power consumption also decreases (the battery in the chip lasts an average of 6 months). The chip is compact, roughly the height of one euro coin.

Mobile app

Via the Author ID mobile app, the phone can be paired with CAN Immo via Bluetooth, and if the app is running in the background (Bluetooth on), the immobilizer will automatically turn off when you get into the car - you don't have to press anything.

The latest generation CAN Immo allows you to pair 2 phones and is suitable for almost all newer car models on the market!

NB! The mobile app does not currently work with Apple iOS 12, but works with most Android phones. iOS 12 support is coming.

See if CAN Immo is suitable for your car

The Author ID (iOS) (Android) shows a list of supported cars, as well as which switches and buttons are available for entering the code in a particular car.

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