Headrest monitors + USB media player

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Driving with children can become exhausting - the little ones are impatient, the older ones get bored. A simple solution for stress-free city traffic or longer journeys is to give toddlers something to do while driving.

Replace the headrests of your car with headrests with monitors, and passengers in the back seat will have the opportunity to watch movies, cartoons, digital TV!
In addition to the monitors, a USB media player is installed in the car, which plays movies from a USB memory stick.

In addition, we offer Wifi MirrorLink, which enables smartphone screen mirroring.

The media player also has a TV tuner that plays all free-to-air channels (as of 01.09.2021: ETV, ETV2, ETV+, France24, Nastojasheje Vremja).

We transmit the sound to the headphones, for this the monitors have both a 3.5mm output and a wireless IR transmitter.
So the driver can listen to the radio while watching movies in the back seat.

In this offer, the media player transmits the same image to both monitors simultaneously, but if you want to see different shows/movies, you need to purchase an additional Wifi Mirrorlink or USB media player.

The color range of the headrests includes black and beige.
According to the content of the car, we can offer tinting of the headrest as an additional service.

Before making a purchase, please follow the information below to make sure the product is suitable!
The diameter of the fastening sticks, the distance between them and the location of the locking notches.
We have the most common types: 12/150; 12.7/160; 14/150; 10/110-195 (adjustable).
The first number is the diameter, the second is the distance between the sticks from both centers (mm).


The price includes:
Monitor with headrest - 2 pcs
USB media player with Digi-TV - 1 pc
Necessary wiring for connection - 1 kmpl

Possible extras:
Wireless IR headphones: €32/pc
Wifi MirrorLink: €165
Lisa USB media player with wiring - 60€
Tinting of headrests: €80/pair

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