Cruise control CAN AP900Ci

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The Liteon AP900Ci is an electronic cruise control designed for machines without a throttle cable (almost all newer cars). There is no mechanical drive - the speed is controlled by a rheostat.

AP900Ci works with car digital CANBUS signals, which greatly simplifies installation. If the car does not have CAN signals, the AP900 operating in analog mode must be used. You can find the compatibility tables in the area.

The cruise control kit consists of three parts:

1 - Basic module
2 – Control module from which to control the speed
3 - Brand specific wiring harness

All control modules perform the same functions, but their shape is different. According to the car's interior and preferences, a suitable control module should be selected.

CM-21 is wireless (signal via infrared) and attaches to the steering wheel (the buttons are under the so-called thumb). The CM-35 is a four-way control lever with two non-volatile memories that is attached to the steering column of the car. There are two additional switches at the ends of the lever under which speeds can be saved (e.g. button1 – 50km/h, button2 – 90km/h), which remain in the permanent memory of the device.

The brand-specific T-wire series is connected between the AP900Ci module and the car's accelerator using a Plug & Play connection (model-specific connectors). In the case of a car with a manual transmission, a clutch pedal sensor may also be necessary.

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