Bluetooth receiver Ampire BTR200X 3.5mm AUX

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Bluetooth adapter, which can be used to convert the AUX (3.5mm) connection installed in the vehicle into a bluetooth connection.
The adapter (BTR200X) assumes that the vehicle has an AUX (3.5mm) socket, where the adapter can be connected later to transmit sound.

Power connections:

Blue: Remote +12v / 20mA (Ignition current)
Red: Constant power +12v / 2A (ACC)
Black: Ground (GND)

About the product:

Audio transmission: 3.5 mm AUX
Transmission of sounds with high sound quality via Bluetooth 4.0 technology
aptX audio codec from Qualcomm
The device can be installed in a hidden place
Also suitable for yachts/boats - The device is moisture resistant

When establishing a Bluetooth connection, the adapter notifies you of a successful connection by means of an audio signal.
The BTR200X remembers the last device that was connected and automatically reconnects to it. If this setting is not active, new or other related devices can be connected manually.
If the connected device is out of range for more than one minute, the device will automatically disconnect, give an audible signal and return to connection mode.

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