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Pandora Light Pro is a car alarm that can be controlled from both the car's original and additional remote controls. The 2-Way remote control with OLED screen gives feedback about the car and, thanks to the large working radius, allows you to control the car further than the original remote control. In addition, the system also has Bluetooth, through which you can also control the car from a mobile app.

Remote preheating

One of Pandora's most unique features is its ability to control various preheat devices. Whether it's the car's factory original or later installed Webasto or Eberspacher. Depending on the system/car, Pandora controls the preheater either via the car's CAN network or via the digital LIN Bus (Webasto Thermotop Evo / Eberspacher Hydronic/Hydronic2).

Remote start

Most cars can also be started remotely from the remote control without having to hand over any key or immo chip to the car. Vehicles for which Pandora offers a safe bypass of the original immobilizer, i.e. Immo Bypass, are added every week. On a large scale, immo bypass is feasible for the following brands: Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Renault (partially), Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Honda, Opel. VW/Škoda previous generation vehicles were added recently. By adding the Fortin module, this is also possible: Volvo Push-To-Start al. 2011, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Maserati.

Increases security

Remote start does not increase the risk of car theft, you cannot drive the car without the original key. Since Pandora is first and foremost a high-level security system, installing Pandora significantly increases the car's theft protection. Of course, it also depends on the installation method and the functions you decide to use. Thanks to the widespread use of "keyless" systems, it is easier to start cars today than ever before. Working in pairs, car thieves extend the range of the car's "keyless" remote control (one with a receiver in the range of the remote control, the other near the car), transmit the signal to the car and simply drive away. Pandora's engine immobilizer or a feature that activates an alarm when the car is disarmed, but Pandora doesn't recognize its own chip, helps with this. The set includes a Bluetooth chip that has several purposes.


Bluetooth chip, Immo

The small remote control included in the kit can be used as an immobilizer chip (if the chip is included, you can drive, otherwise not) or as additional protection in the event of the car's own security system being hacked. In addition, the remote control can also be used to control the central locking of the car. For example, if the car's original remote does not open the doors after remote start, this chip usually does.

Keyless entry

Both the phone (bluetooth) and the chip can be used to automatically open/close car door locks. Perhaps you approach the car with a chip or phone in your pocket and the door locks open automatically without you having to press anything. When you leave the car, the doors close. Unlike the car manufacturers' "keyless" system, this technology is safe, and to this day, no one has succeeded in "copying" it. The response speed can be set from the mobile app through two parameters. Video introducing the feature.

Bluetooth mobile app

In addition to the remote control, the car can also be "controlled" from a mobile app called Pandora BT. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. The app shows real information about the car, history and allows you to send the same commands to the car as the 2-Way remote control.

The phone must have at least Bluetooth 4.0 and the working radius is up to 30m (depends on distractions, for example, Bluetooth may not spread through selective glass).

Light Pro settings, such as sensor sensitivity or remote start settings according to the days of the week, engine temperature or battery voltage, can also be changed from the remote control, but it is much easier to do all this from the mobile app.

Dialoque 128bit encryption

The working radius of the remote control with two-way communication depends on the external environment, being in the range of 150-300m. The level of encryption used is significant, which is 128bit, the remote control operates at a frequency of 868MHz, and the power corresponds to what is permitted in Europe. In addition, the remote control uses the principle of double dialogue, which makes it very difficult to "scramble" the code. The remote control has a minimalist, contrasting OLED screen and shows various information about the car (guard status, doors, temperature, fuel level information on cars, feedback about remote start or preheating), when an alarm is detected, the remote control starts to vibrate and make a sound.

A bunch of sensors

In addition to the protection of car doors and hatches (analog inputs + 2 x CAN network), Pandora has an integrated digital shock, tilt and motion sensor, the sensitivity of which you can adjust yourself. The shock sensor reacts when someone reverses in the parking lot, for example, the motion sensor blocks the engine if the chip is not with you when starting to move (if the engine block is connected), the tilt sensor protects against wheel theft. You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors both from the remote control and via the app. A cabin motion sensor can also be purchased.

3 x LOCK TO START i.e. remote start from the car's original remote control

Pandora also supports remote start from the original remote on many vehicles. You press the door locking button 3 times on the original remote control and the engine starts. Pandora can also be used in cars anywhere

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