9" monitor 9LHT USB/SD HDMI-MHL Beige

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The large, 9" diagonal monitor attaches to the car's existing headrest posts and can also be used with active headrests.

The model without disc reader plays all the most common formats up to FULL HD 1080p resolution. The monitor also has an HDMI input, which, among other things, also supports the MirrorLink function, i.e. by connecting a smart device with the corresponding support (MHL cable is not included), the content of the smart device can be displayed on the big screen.

Thanks to the RCA analog inputs (one on the back, one on the side), you can connect e.g. a Digi-TV tuner or a signal from another monitor, e.g. a DVD model.

Content is controlled from the touch screen. Although the monitors have built-in speakers and an FM transmitter, it is recommended to purchase wireless IR headphones (the IR transmitter is built-in).

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