Video input Uconnect 5" iPAS (Fiat group)

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Camera interface allows to connect video sources to Citroen/Fiat/Peugeot original navigation system Uconnect (5 inch) system

The interface ensures that an input is created to the original navigation system to which various external video sources can be connected (e.g. DVD player, DVB-T TV, iPod, reversing camera, external navigation systems, etc.). Images are displayed on the navigation screen. Audio from video sources must be played via AUX input or FM modulator.


- RGB input (connecting an external navigation system)

- 2x Audio/Video input (connect video sources, TV / DVD / iPod)

- Camera input (reversing camera connection)

- Front camera input

- Video output (connect headrest screens)

- NTSC support

- Audio output (audio link to original audio system)

- Image retention while driving

- Adjustable parking lines

- Can be extended with touch screen (A/V source control via touch screen)

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