Parking camera Secure HD704N ECO

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This is the first version of our camera HD704, the quality does not meet our requirements, but it works as well as the best-selling HD704


Thanks to the option to rotate the image, this camera allows installation both from top to bottom and from the front, i.e. both above the license plate and on the wall.

Now included in the set is a +12V voltage relay, which stabilizes the voltage fluctuations in the car, i.e. the picture is free from disturbances that are often caused by the current on the reversing light.

Sensor: Super CMOS III
Active pixels 762(H) x 504(V)
Resolution: 580 TV Line
Minimum light: <0.1lux
Combined viewing angle: 170º
Electronic shutter: 1/60~1/100,000 sec
Partially recessed (the angle cannot be changed after installation)
Matt black metal case (can be painted)
Video Mode: NTSC
Image: Mirrored (cannot be changed)
Image Rotation: Selectable (Loop)
Parking lines: Selectable (loop)
Input voltage: 12V, consumption 150mA
Waterproof: IP67
Cable length 7m
Warranty period 2 years

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