Pandora Tester ALT-205

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The Pandora Tester is a highly capable measuring instrument, the functions of which are housed in a tester lamp. It is an ideal tool for both the hobbyist and the professional technician.
The device can be used for repair, diagnostic and installation work of vehicles with 12V and 24V power network, including it can measure CAN, LIN, K-BUS, W-BUS, K-LINE protocols of cars with a data transmission speed of up to 1Mbps.

The tester is compact in size and often more convenient to use than a conventional multimeter.

  • DC voltage measurement up to 30V
  • Display of maximum and minimum values, frequency and period of oscillation, pulse signals.
  • Detection of digital buses up to 500 kB/s
  • Switching resistance 50 Ohm and 1 kOhm, sound and light indicator
  • Switching area lighting LCD screen with lighting
  • Replaceable contact steel needle
  • Powered by 1x AAA battery
  • Micro-USB slot for software update
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