On-board camera Viofo A229 Duo

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Viofo A229 is Viofo's newest series, where the camera body is as small as possible, but the content remains as good as previous Viofo cameras.

A discreet on-board camera with a small rear camera

The tiny camera keeps an eye on what's going on behind you and is so small that you won't even realize there's anything there.

All wires are hidden in the installation and the cigarette lighter remains free - no dangling wires!


The GPS antenna is located in the mounting base of the device (there is another base in the set - without GPS). The power cord attaches to the sole (the cable is less visible). GPS automatically sets the time, and the video shows the vehicle's speed and position (longitude and latitude).

Detailed video

Sony Stravis IMX335 5MP Sensor and Quad HD+ resolution of 2560*1600P ensures a very detailed image. Under normal circumstances, the number plate of the oncoming car is also visible. The large F1.6 aperture of the lens ensures high sensitivity even in limited lighting conditions, i.e. the video is perfectly fine even when driving in the dark.
If desired, a CPL or polarization filter can also be purchased in front of the lens, which reduces reflections (e.g. when the car's own armature is reflected on the glass).

Easy to set up

Thanks to the small screen, it is possible to easily change the settings of the on-board camera through the intuitive menu, as well as adjust the camera's angle of view (the camera moves up-down, right-left) and, if desired, also watch recorded clips. If the car is already driving, the display will turn itself off.


The VIOFO ÄPP allows you to see a live view of the cameras and the settings can be adjusted using a smartphone. Along with live display, VIOFO ÄPP has the option to download videos / pictures directly to your phone. The connection is made via Wi-Fi using the camera and the phone.

Also suitable for a truck

The supplied power adapter enables installation on vehicles with both 12V and 24V on-board voltage. The design of the device allows installation even on a vehicle with relatively upright glass, so this recording car camera is also suitable for e.g. the upright rear window of a truck

Parking Mode

The camera connected to direct current monitors the surroundings even when the car is parked. In this case, filming takes place at a low frame rate. When the camera detects a crash/shock using the G sensor, the camera switches to high-quality recording mode and locks the file, which cannot be over-recorded.

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