Light sensor Autolight DB600 12V

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The light sensor can be used in any applications where the behavior of the device must be dependent on the light conditions. For example, the automatic on-off of retrofitted car LED lights.

It is allowed to drive with LED daytime running lights only in daylight, when it gets dark outside, you have to switch to low beams. Our LED lights have a special input that understands the state of the lights - when the dipped beam lights up, the LEDs turn off. Namely, according to the law, LED daytime running lights must not be lit at the same time as low beams (except for lights that dim their light intensity to a minimum when low beams are in use).

For those who tend to forget or don't bother to turn the light switch manually when it gets dark - it is possible to connect the AUTOLIGHT module, which automatically switches the LED lights to dipped beam when it gets dark.

Turns the lights on and off depending on the outside light
The light sensor is installed on the inner glass
The light sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable
ON/OFF switch on the sensor (can also be switched manually)
Both positive and negative management
Input voltage: 9~16VDC
Current consumption: ≤30A

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