BlueTooth Receiver BTR100 RCA

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Bluetooth audio adapter enables e.g. wirelessly transmit sound from the phone to the car's speakers.
There is a bluetooth connection between the adapter and the connected device, and the signal from the adapter goes to the AUX input in the case of a car with a standard 3.5mm jack cable).
The BTR100 also has a remote output.


Marine certified
Automatic power-on function
Certified Bluetooth 4.0 CRS I9chip
RCA output 1.0V signal output
Licensed by QDL
SSID name: BTR200


Blue: Remote output+ 12V / 20mA
Red: on +12V (ACC) protection 2A
Black: GND
3.5mm jack


Make sure your device's bluetooth is turned on
Turn on the ignition (ACC).
LED (6) starts flashing (in connection mode)
Select BTR100 in the Bluetooth setup menu of your device
When the device is successfully connected, the BTR100 LED will stop flashing and stay on. A single beep sounds through the connected audio system

Multiple devices can be paired with the BTR100, but only one device can be connected at a time. The BTR100 remembers the last device that was connected and automatically reconnects to it.
If this setting is not active, new or other related devices can be connected manually.
If the connected device is out of range for more than one minute, the BTR100 will automatically disconnect and return to the connection mode [LED (6) starts flashing].

After connecting, audio volume and media selection are controlled from the streaming setting.

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