Alarm GT 906 U module (Plip&CAN> remote control)

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GT906 works with both the car's digital CAN and PLIP, i.e. analog signals, and thanks to the teaching function, the alarm can be installed on all cars. The alarm works from the car's original remote control, and the alarm can also be controlled from the GT alarm remote control. If the car has only one original remote control, but it is not enough, there is a good choice in the form of the GT906.

In addition to the GT 906, it is possible to encode up to 12 wireless sensors. For example, keeping a car in a garage is a good way to secure both the car and the garage at the same time...or if it's a caravan or just a larger van. When an alarm is detected in the monitored room, the alarm is activated.

Works with both CAN and PLIP signals
Also works from the GT remote (1 remote in kmpl)
Camper or support for installation on a motorhome
It is possible to code up to 12 wireless sensors
Emergency on-off switching from the electronic key
Built-in motor lock
Comfort output, alarm memory
Siren + ultrasonic volume sensors for cabin protection

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